Why Six-Bed Homes Are Often Preferred Over Residential Facilities

Women staying in care home

Why Six-Bed Homes Are Often Preferred Over Residential Facilities

When people are faced with the reality that they will need professional assistance to get through their daily routines, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the different homes, services, and networks offering you support. Fortunately, CareAgape Senior Homes is proud to offer the affordable and comfortable six-bed residential home.

Here are just a few of the reasons why six-bed homes are a better option for individuals than residential communities.

Level of Care

Our primary focus is to provide our clients the high-quality care and support that any of us would wish for our elderly loved ones.

To fulfill this goal, our care facilities are staffed with passionate individuals who provide each client the service and attention they need and deserve. To ensure this attentive care, each facility has 1 staff member for every 3 residents.

More Intimate Environment

Rather than having large, sterile facilities where clients may feel like just a number in a system, CareAgape Senior Homes is dedicated to giving individuals the care and aid they need in a warm, domestic environment.

Our homes are designed to care for six residents so that each individual can develop lasting bonds with both their caregivers and their neighbors, as well.

By living with similar individuals in a domestic setting designed for care, you can participate in activities like gardening, watching tv, and other hobbies that will help you develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Working Within Communities

We understand that caring for individuals isn’t just about giving them the proper medicine or providing just any facility, it’s about offering a community that can support them while maintaining their independence.

Our residential care homes provide all of the community amenities that residents would find in their own homes, including nearby fitness centers, community centers, shopping malls, and public parks.

Considering the right assisted living option can be a difficult decision, but our staff is dedicated to helping you find the assisted living home that works best for you and your loved one. Give our compassionate staff a call today at (714) 646-6750 or visit us online to see our many lovely locations throughout Orange County.