Three Keys to Healthy Aging

senior couple talking and laughing in kitchen

Three Keys to Healthy Aging

Did you know that the keys to healthy aging are very similar to the ways you can be happy and healthy throughout the rest of your life? Shocking, right? When you get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, and do regular exercise, you can boost your quality of life and enjoy healthy aging for years to come. 

Sleep Soundly

Sleep becomes less consistent as we age even though we might have more time to do so. You might be retired or working substantially less, you no longer have infants to care for in the middle of the night, and you may not even need to set an alarm in the morning anymore. But for some reason, you’re sleeping less. 

This can be for a number of reasons, including lower production of melatonin, greater sensitivity to changes in your environment, or certain medical conditions that interfere with a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, you can improve your sleep patterns with a few simple strategies:

  • Conceal the Clock: Keep any clocks out of sight in the bedroom. Watching the minutes tick will only worsen your sleeplessness.  
  • Limit the Light: If you’ve become more sensitive to light, noise, and heat, consider investing in blackout curtains or a blindfold and a white noise machine or fan, and keep the thermometer between 60 and 67 degrees at night. 


Eat Essentials

Have you been less hungry lately? You’re likely expelling less energy than you may have in the past, so it’s understandable that your appetite has also changed. If you’re consuming fewer calories, though, it’s critical that you pack every meal with the right nutrients to keep you strong and healthy. 

  • Add Dairy to Your Diet: Getting enough dairy is especially important for seniors to help them maintain bone and muscle strength and prevent osteoporosis.  
  • Favor Healthy Fats: Opt for one Omega-3 fatty food, like salmon, lake trout, and tuna, every day to improve your heart health. 

Exercise Regularly 

Exercise doesn’t need to be high impact or intensity to make a positive impact on your life. Low impact workouts can help seniors build strength, improve their balance, and improve their heart health too. 

  • Dance to a Ditty: Dancing benefits both your body and mind by slowing down cognitive decline and giving your heart a healthy boost.  
  • Do More Water Aerobics: Your joints will appreciate your water workouts because the buoyancy eliminates the pressure you might otherwise feel on your limbs.  

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