Pick up the Pace for Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ 2019

Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ OC

Pick up the Pace for Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ 2019

In one of our previous blogs, we encouraged you to participate in the Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ 2019 charity walk. If you need more motivation to participate in this life-changing event, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at just some of the ways this event supports individuals in our communities every single day: 

Community Education

Alzheimer’s Orange County (ALZOC®) plays an integral part in educating the community on all topics related to memory loss, caregiving, and so much more. All of these classes are free to the public and are hosted weekly, so they are a great resource for anyone in Orange County. 

Whether you’re looking for ways to care for your elderly loved one or strategies to improve your own memory, ALZOC® has classes and workshops for all interested individuals . They have already helped serve more than 22,000 people in our community.

Adult Day Centers

When an individual isn’t quite ready for a senior home, adult day centers are a great way to introduce them to the concept. They help people enjoy the freedom of living at home with the additional assistance they require to fulfill their physical, emotional, and social needs. 

These programs provide opportunities for elderly individuals to connect with their peers in an inviting community setting and, we are proud to say, have helped more than 340 seniors to date.

Support Groups

Being a caregiver, in any capacity, is an incredibly challenging task. It requires emotional, physical, and mental stamina, and can take its toll on even the strongest individuals. 

Support groups offer a safe space to voice concerns, find comfort, and develop new coping strategies, led by a trained group of facilitators, in various languages, to more than 3,670 caregivers!

Telephone Helpline

Sometimes support groups aren’t the perfect setting for all caregivers. Thankfully, ALZOC® offers a telephone helpline to ensure every caregiver receives the support they need. 

More than 6,700 residents of Orange County have already used this service to find information, support, advice, and referrals. 

Have you registered for the Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ 2019 on November 9th yet? We’re on the homestretch, and we want to cross the finish line triumphantly and we need your help to keep these great services running!

We’ve proudly sponsored the Orange County Alzheimer’s Association for the past five years and we’re looking forward to making this year even more successful than the last! 

For more information on CareAgape Senior Homes and the difference we make in the community, take a look at our website or give us a call at (714) 646-6750.