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Choosing a senior assisted living home in Placentia is a very personal decision based on the specific needs of each individual. In Placentia, CareAgape Assisted Living Homes offers several charming and convenient 6-bed homes to choose from.

Here, residents get all the assistance they need from compassionate caregivers dedicated to serving seniors. And these experienced caregivers serve as the link between doctors, nurses, families, and all members of the extended care team. 

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There is no place like home and for aging parents this would really mean a lot. Good thing, our senior care homes in Placentia gladly welcome elderlies for their one of a kind stay. It is extremely important to us that they feel at home with their caregivers and can truly enjoy a loving family. Family members won’t need to worry about their own safety and well-being for it is our priority.

Our Assisted living options in Placentia

Aside from making sure our residents are well-loved and cared for as a family, we also take pride in how our senior homes are well organized and designed. Built with compassion and respect, our houses will serve as a place where the highest form of love blooms. With the best quality when it comes to care and security, we are committed to fully embrace the model of a “loving family home”.

What makes us different from others is how we value each resident on their own comfort living. As a matter of fact, the easy access to caregivers is a huge advantage in ensuring personalized care. We also believe that the resident-caregivers ratio of 3:1 is a comfortable setting for optimal care.

What makes special CareAgape’s retirement homes in Placentia?

To also promote bonding to all residents, we hold special events, such as birthdays, Christmas and even Easter parties. In this way, we can encourage them to laugh and have fun.

What to search in a retirement home in Placentia

1. Wonderful caregivers

It is essential to all assisted living homes to have well-trained caregivers. Their role in creating a loving home really matters and has a huge impact on molding the residents’ environment. Commitment and investment should be part of their values. This can be challenging to some but with true compassion, it will be a piece of cake.

2. Comfortable place like home

Another thing to consider is a comfortable place to settle in. It is as important as the caretakers for it greatly contributes to the overall well-being of an elderly. When it comes to assisted home living, family members can be at ease that the home setting is suitable for their loved ones. With a well-designed floor plan and more than enough space to enjoy personal time, it is truly exceptional.

3. Lower Costs for high quality services

Let’s all be real. Cost is one of the reasons to decide for a retirement home living. Yes, it is true that senior care can be costly but when it comes to assisted home living, it is way cheaper than you think. If you’ll compare it with employing a full-time personal home care provider and a typical nursing home, this assisted home living is still the best option.


One of the best ways to give back to our parents is to make sure they can enjoy their senior years. With the help of CareAgape, you can already achieve it. With its convenient locations, well-designed homes, compassionate and well-trained experienced caregivers, you certainly would worry no more. Keeping your loved ones safe, loved and happy is definitely part of CareAgape’s mission.


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