How to Manage Anxiety When Transitioning to Assisted Living

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How to Manage Anxiety When Transitioning to Assisted Living

As the United States population continues to age, more and more seniors are faced with the anxious prospect of transitioning to assisted living residences. While these changes may be necessary for the continued health of the individual, the move to assisted living is seen by seniors as a loss of independence and abandonment by their friends and loved ones. Studies now show that seniors fear nursing homes and a loss of Independence more than they fear death.

Our staff at CareAgape Senior Homes understands these anxieties and fears more than anyone, with our caregivers trained to acclimate new residents to the care community and to show them that a move into a care home does not mean the end of their Independence and dignity. Here are some of the ways that seniors can manage these negative feelings about losing their independence and needing aid.

Maintain a Daily Schedule of Activities
One of the best ways for seniors to manage feelings of anxiety when moving into a care home is to stick with the same daily schedule they had while still at home. Studies show that not only does the regimented nature of a schedule help with feelings of anxiety, but also helps battle mental illnesses in seniors such as dementia and alzheimer’s syndrome.

Understand Your Anxieties and Why You Feel Them
As we all age and move through life, it is only natural for us to rely on our families, friends, and caregivers more and more. Any feelings of anxiety or abandonment seniors may have, whether it be anger, depression, or fear, should not be ignored or frowned upon, as they are valid responses to their changing situations. Remember, most seniors in care homes have had these feelings at one point or another, so talking with existing residents can help new residents acclimate more smoothly.

Reach Out For and Accept Help
Plenty of resources exist for seniors who are transitioning to care, whether they are through family, friends, or offered by a local seniors community. Honesty with your family, friends, and loved ones will not only make your needs and wishes clearer for caregivers, but also prevent any complications or issues further down the road.

If you or a family member are facing the prospect of a care home and are having feelings of anxiety and abandonment, call our staff today at (714) 646-6750 for answers to all your questions about independence and the loving community in our personal care homes.