How to Know When to Consider a CareAgape Home

Granddaughter volunteering as a nurse

How to Know When to Consider a CareAgape Home

There’s no better feeling than owning and living in a place that you can call your own, but there’s a point in everyone’s life when we could all use a helping hand. If you’re starting to realize that you need help with your daily activities, here are some of the specific reasons why you should strongly consider a CareAgape home.

You Are Becoming Forgetful

We are all forgetful from time to time and sometimes we blank on phone numbers and grocery lists, but if you’re finding this is happening much more often and you’re growing concerned, give our staff a call. Our teams are available every day and can remind you of any medication requirements, social appointments, or daily tasks you may require.

You Are Struggling with Regular Chores

No matter how active we are or how hard we train in the gym, everybody starts to notice a decrease in strength and flexibility as they grow older. If you’re noticing that easy chores are taking much longer than normal and leaving you tired, our staff would be more than happy to help you complete them and get on with enjoying your day.

You Want More Social Events

Many seniors experience social isolation and loneliness as they grow older, and that’s a problem we strive to help all our guests avoid here at CareAgape. Our homes are designed to create cooperative activities and social engagements, meaning you won’t just find a new home—you’ll find new friends too!

You Are Looking to Keep Your Independence

Many seniors believe that they only have two choicesto stay at home and struggle with daily activities or to move to a care home and lose their independence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. CareAgape guests are invited to craft their own schedules and engage with the community around them.

You Want Nearby Medical Assistance

Struggling to understand your medication? Noticing new symptoms or physical issues, but have no one to talk to? Our team of caregivers can answer the questions you may have about your conditions and medications. 

There are many reasons to consider moving into an assisted living community. If you are looking for a cozy space with caring staff and friendly neighbors, then CareAgape is the place for you. Give our staff a call today at (714) 646-6750 or visit us online to book a tour at any of our many quality homes.