How to Find the Right Care Home After a Hospital Stay

happy doctor and surgeon consulting patient about treatment before discharging from hospital

How to Find the Right Care Home After a Hospital Stay

When a person is discharged from a hospital, it is because their doctors believe that they no longer require the vital services that the hospital provides. However, individuals being discharged from the hospital may be in need of further aid, as 69% of American seniors are needing or have needed in-home care or senior living facilities. Here are some important steps you can take to make your journey to assisted living much easier.

Know Your Needs
Despite what most people think, there are different types of care homes that accommodate different needs. The first thing you need to do when looking for a care home is to know your specific needs.
     • Do you need assistance at all times or only certain parts of the day?
     • Do you require medical services or aid with medications?
     • Is your family member struggling with mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s?

Your answers will determine whether you require regular visits from a caregiver or a fully integrated living center, so sit down with a family member and create a list of all your requirements.

Research the Facility
Now that you know your needs, you need to find a place that will properly fulfill them. Location and size are critical for any senior home, since having a care home closer to family members will promote more regular visits, while a larger facility can provide more opportunities and greater independence.

The cost of the facility must be considered as well. Some living centers may be more costly than others based on the programs offered and the health benefits of your particular state.

Finally, check online or talk to friends if the care center you have in mind has had any complaints lodged against them by tenants. You need the best care and you should get the best care.

CareAgape Senior Homes is proud to offer only the highest quality care in California. If you or a family member have been discharged from a hospital but are still in need of assistance, call us today at (714) 646-6750 or visit us online to get on the path of continued care in a nurturing environment.