How Does the Term “Agape” Factor into a CareAgape Home?

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How Does the Term “Agape” Factor into a CareAgape Home?

Many adult children are faced with the difficult decision of placing their parents in a residential care home when the time comes. The question then becomes not when, but where? The most important factor is choosing a home that provides your loved ones with the level of comfort, care, and security they deserve in the later years of life. The CareAgape Senior Homes stand apart from other care homes in the commitment provided to the resident. Agape is referred to as the highest form of love and the thread that ties it all together

What is a CareAgape home?
This type of living allows residents to live independently in the comfort of a loving family home with a devoted caregiver to assist them when needed. CareAgape homes are owned and operated by the caregivers, who specialize in providing the highest care for you and your loved one. In a CareAgape home, a caregiver provides assistance in duties such as personalized attention, medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation and most of all, companionship. 

Agape Care
The term itself means the highest form of love. At the forefront of success in a CareAgape home is the CareAgape caregiver. They strive to invest their time with each individual resident to provide them with the attention and love they need so that families know their loved one is well cared for. The caregiver’s responsibility is to help ensure the physical, social, and cognitive wellbeing of each resident, allowing a healthy balance between personalized care and independent living. 

The CareAgape Model
In order to provide this level of care to residents, a CareAgape caregiver must be certified in the CareAgape model.

Commitment: Caregivers are the owners of their own homes. They have an even greater personal investment in their homes as well as in the seniors they serve.
Attention: With six bed homes and 2 full-time caregivers, their 3:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio helps to ensure personalized care, optimal safety, and security.
Respect: We value residents’ individuality and humility as well as their right to live their later years in a dignified, honored way.
Enjoyment: Fostering an environment that is stimulating, entertaining, and fun to visit is vital to healthy aging and helps seniors thrive.

To find out if a CareAgape home is right for you or your loved one, visit our website for more information!