Giving Your Loved One All the Care They Need

Group of seniors having food in nursing home

Giving Your Loved One All the Care They Need

Deciding to move your loved one into a residential care home can be hard, especially when you’re afraid they won’t get all the care they need. We want to ease your mind by sharing information about the great care we will provide here at CareAgape Senior Homes.

Nutrition and fitness are important to us, so we make them a priority for every resident. They’ll receive three meals a day with specialized diet adjustments wherever necessary, as well as exercises like yoga to keep them active. We’ll manage their medication so you know they will be getting what they need, on time. There is daily entertainment available, and you can even bring their furry friends in for a visit! We want to make sure that every individual in our care is happy and healthy, so these amenities, plus many more, are included in our many beneficial services.

Our caregivers are trained to provide nothing but the best in senior care. They are present throughout the day to assist residents and take care of everyone’s specific needs. We set up personalized “Care Plans” so you, as well as your loved one, can have input in the day-to-day services we will provide. Never hesitate to let our caregivers know what you need. They can’t help if you don’t ask! Communication is key in a caregiver relationship.

Our Goal
Ultimately, our ongoing goal is to foster a loving home environment for everyone who comes through our doors. We know it’s hard for any senior to say goodbye to their home when it becomes too much of a challenge to continue living alone, so this is why we want them to feel that they can still enjoy all the comforts of home right here with us.

We want you to know that your family becomes our family when you move your loved ones into our homes. However, their care doesn’t have to stop with us. You can still give them as much love and attention as you’d like! Something like a simple gift can make a big difference in their lives, so don’t stop showing them you still care.

If you believe it’s time to take steps to put a family member into a senior home, we’d love to hear from you to begin the transition. Call us at 714-646-6750 or visit us online to learn more.