Five Signs That You Might Want to Consider Assisted Living

Consider Assisted Living

Five Signs That You Might Want to Consider Assisted Living

As we grow older, everyday activities that we could easily do alone in the past become a bit more complicated. It’s hard to admit to yourself that your memory and mobility are not the same as when you were 25 years old. Still, seniors deserve to age with the best quality of life possible. At CareAgape Senior Homes, we have a team of dedicated caregivers to help you age well and meet all your needs. If you’re unsure if assisted living is suitable for you, take a look at this checklist to see if you should give it a try:

You Are Becoming Forgetful

People with mild to moderate dementia often struggle to make simple decisions. They also find it hard to remember names, dates, or if they have already taken their daily medication. If this sounds familiar, our caregivers can provide the level of care you need to live your best life.

You Seek Independence

While senior homes are often associated with loss of independence, that image couldn’t be less accurate. At CareAgape Senior Homes, our residents experience more independence because they can enjoy their days without having to worry about trivial tasks. You’ll have more time to do what you really enjoy.

You Can’t Take Care of Your Home

How do you feel about taking care of your home? If it has become a burden for you, maybe it’s time to move on. We know that you must have experienced some very special moments in your current home, but there’s a whole world out there. Your memories remain with you no matter where you live.  

You Want to Make Friends

If you think that senior homes are boring, you should think twice. At CareAgape Senior Homes, we offer a wide range of activities, entertainment, and spiritual growth to keep you happy and healthy. You can expect to meet new people and make friends while you enjoy recreational activities that are good for your physical and mental health.

We hope that our checklist helps you understand when it’s the right time to move into an assisted living residential care home. Commitment, attention, respect, and enjoyment are our most important values. If you decide to choose CareAgape Senior Homes, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll find a loving family home with us. Contact us through our website or by calling (714) 646-6750 to learn more about our services.