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Easter Blog

What is Easter, and Why Do We Celebrate It?

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life to all who believe in Him. It is the single most important holy day to Christians, as the resurrection is the central event in Christianity. Easter also confirms Jesus’s ministry and teachings. In dying and rising from the dead, His resurrection provides evidence that Jesus was the Son of God.


Fulfilling a prophecy

Easter represents the fulfilled prophecy of the Messiah, who died for our sins. (Isaiah 53). This Holy day comes three days after the death of Jesus on the cross. Remembering the resurrection of Jesus is an everlasting reminder to renew our daily hope for victory over sin. Read the entire Biblical account of Resurrection Day in Matthew 28Mark 16, and Luke 24 and more Easter Bible verses at BibleStudyTools.com.


The Culmination of Holy Week

Easter follows a period of fasting called Lent. The week leading up to Easter is called The Holy Week, or “Passion Week,” which includes Palm Sunday (the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and was celebrated), Maundy Thursday (the “Last Supper,” where Jesus met with his disciples to observe Passover), and Good Friday (when Jesus was crucified on the cross). 


An enduring celebration

Typically, many Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers, and ringing of church bells. However, this year, Easter arrives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Easter Sunday celebrations will be different, with many people staying at home and churches closed to congregations. However, the hope in our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, should not fade in the midst of the pandemic. On the contrary, in the midst of this challenging time, even with families and friends separated, our faith — and honoring this Holy day — should be even stronger.


Ways to Observe Easter

In addition, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Easter and the traditions that   accompany it, via video Live-Stream. They include:


—St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion at 3 p.m.

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil at 8 p.m.

Easter Sunday Mass at 10 a.m.


Andrea Bocelli to sing live from empty Duomo cathedral ] 


—Easter Services LIVE online



—Pope Frances to Live-Stream Easter Services from an Empty St. Peter’s Basilica



You can also check the many online Live-Stream options in your area through your Search Engine.



An Easter Prayer

Father God, there is sometimes controversy about how, when, and what to call the remembrance of the greatest day in history — the day Jesus Christ, your beloved son, rose from the dead and brought the gift of your forgiveness and eternal life to all who would like to receive it— the new covenant. Please pour out your Holy Spirit on all who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and put us on our knees before you with thankful hearts for your great love for us. You, oh God, have given us victory over sin and death, and the promise of never leaving us or forsaking us for eternity. Help us to be the body of Christ, the church, united in awe of how you saved our unworthy souls … your body and your blood as a sacrifice for us. Help us to bring this message to all who will listen. Help us to love like you love. Thank you forever! Amen.


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