Become a Habilitation Worker and Provide Essential Training

CareAgape caregivers at 8925 Canary Ave. Fountain Valley, CA 90638Individuals with disabilities, such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), require special help that caregivers alone cannot always provide. That’s the role of Habilitation Workers, training and development specialists who provide essential assistance and care to these special residents.

As a Habilitation Worker, you will be an essential member of the CareAgape team, offering direct care and support to help TBI residents regain the daily skills necessary to improving their functioning. Habilitation programs give TBI residents the greatest potential to achieve and maintain their goal of regaining a sense of normalcy and eventually assimilating back into the community with some degree of independence.

But the Habilitation Worker is so much more. As a Habilitation Worker, you will provide motivation and hope for TBI patients – and become a buddy for life – an indispensable advocate and life companion for the TBI resident. In addition to helping TBI residents overcome physical barriers, you will also help them cope with behavioral issues, such as depression, which is common in TBI patients who have lost their functionality and, with it, a large part of their identity.

The continuity of care you provide can give TBI residents a feeling of permanence that is so necessary at a time when they are experiencing sudden, dramatic change in their lives. And it can also give you a sense of permanence – finding work in a CareAgape Assisted Living Home that can be extremely gratifying. Not everyone has the level of compassion and patience to be an Habilitation Worker. But for the right candidate, it can be rewarding work, where you get to see your efforts pay off by making a difference in the lives of those you work with.