Become a CareAgape Caregiver, and Own Your own Home.

CareAgape Caregivers and an elderly ladyTake the next step in your life and become the owner of your own business, as a Caregiver. CareAgape Assisted Living Homes is searching for model franchisees, and we are giving you this opportunity to invest in your future as a potential CareAgape franchisee. This opportunity isn’t for everyone. But if you’re the right candidate, being an owner-operator could dramatically shape your future. As a Caregiver, you’ll be able to provide care and comfort for seniors in a loving family home. And, as a franchisee, you’ll be your own boss, empowered to run your own business. We have all the processes in place, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You benefit from all our up-front work, including securing the right home. There are risks and responsibilities, which we’ll discuss with you, but we believe the rewards are greater. Let us guide you through an exploratory Caregiver Discovery Process to see if being a prospective franchise owner is right for you. If you’re ready to make this investment in your life and career, it could be a life-changing opportunity.

As a prospective Franchise owner, we’ll provide in-depth guidance in:

  • Sales and Promotion
  • Training and Support
  • Running a Business
  • Human Resources and Managing a Home

In other words, in all aspects of owning and operating your own CareAgape home!

We hope you are ready to take this next step in your life and career, so you can have all the pride of running your own business and the joy of caring for others.

Call now for a complete list of all the ways that we support you as a Caregiver and homeowner.