4 Great Ways to Stay Young at Heart

Senior Hispanic Couple Riding Bikes In Park

4 Great Ways to Stay Young at Heart

There is plenty of negativity surrounding the phrase getting old. People think that when they enter retirement, they won’t be able to enjoy the world around them as much. We believe that many seniors just aren’t aware of the many opportunities that are waiting for them.

Here are just 4 ways for seniors to stay young at heart.

Stop Worrying About ‘Acting Your Age’

People often hear the phrase ‘act your age’ when they’re having fun or doing something unexpected, but what does it really mean? All it really suggests is to do what everybody around you is doing, and although it might please them, it can keep you from enjoying your life on your terms.

Try to Visit New Places Regularly

Our behaviors and actions are informed by the environments we live in, and if we spend day after day living and moving around in the same environment, we’ll stop growing as people. Try exploring your community or booking road trips with your loved ones to create new memories and keep your wanderlust alive.

Stay as Physically Active as Possible

Physical activity is key to maintaining your body’s strength and flexibility, as some inactive seniors can lose as much as 3% of their muscle mass every year. Going for regular walks and performing medium intensity workouts can keep you feeling energized. They can be the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends as well!

Accept Your Physical Realities

In spite of all this good advice and exciting activities, it is also important for seniors to be fully aware of their physical and biological realities. Being aware of your own limitations may seem discouraging at first, but accepting them will help you feel more at peace with yourself and will make your continued journey through life all the more meaningful.

Mark Twain once said, “Aging is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter,” and we at CareAgape strive to make all our residents feel as spry and energetic as possible. Give our team a call at (714) 646-6750 or visit us online to see our communities and how our staff can help make your golden years your best years.